One in four businesses will lose data in the next thirty days. Will your business be next? Get the FACTS about offsite backup today!

Get the FACTS about offsite backup.
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Risks Associated With Manual Backup Solutions
Computer Fix Expert’s offsite, automatic backup solutions make manual, onsite methods of backup a thing of the past.

Major Disadvantages of Onsite Backup Solutions:

  • Expensive – Costly hardware and media, expensive setup and administration
  • No Free 24/7 Support – Expert help requires onsite technicians
  • Inconvenient – Backups aren’t automated or incremental
  • Insecure – Data is not encrypted, offsite or mirrored to multiple locations

Onsite Backup Solutions Are Vulnerable To Most Data Loss Risks, Including:

  • Environmental Damage – Heat, sunlight, moisture, dust
  • Human Mishandling – Scratch, drop, lose or steal backup media and devices
  • Magnetic Damage – Monitors, speakers, TVs, etc
  • Disgruntled Employees – Hackers, intentional sabotage or theft
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